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About Me

Minister Emoven 1715 BA Honors Music Business Graduate. Her speciality is dealing with events management, artists and intellectual property rights and Copyrights. She has a lifetime worth of experience which she passes on through, workshops, training, coaching as mentoring. She is a MASTER of that SPACE!

Mini Emoven  is a valued Director of The Golden Team; she works very closely with Mojiba of the Golden Team, using her lifetime worth of experience, and ‘femi-nine’ energy to introduce more balance.

Mini Emoven and Mojiba will be taking an active role in the running of our online clothing store. They will also be heavily involved in the music side of the business, which involves event management and the publishing of music. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


“Cyrlene is an incredibly driven, creative and resourceful individual! Her story is inspiring and only reinforces the resolve she has to develop herself, her company, her clients, and move forward with her objectives! What a force!”

James Brister
Institute of Music Contemporary Performance
8th May 2021

“We at BBC Radio Leicester have been following Cyrlene Braithwaite’s journey as she set up Britain’s Got Reggae when it first began in 2015. I know she’s a passionate supporter of people in the Leicester music scene – and we’ve been able to feature several of them and watch them flourish, such as Jah Marnyah. Its fantastic to see her operating now throughout the country promoting not only reggae as an art form, but also her own business which has gone from strength to strength.”

Jo Hollis
3rd Dec 2018

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